• Reality is what you make it!

    + 500 3D premium augmented reality long animations

    for fun and education.

    Have fun change your reality.

    Augmented reality applications usually don't have a lot of 3d contents. The animations are generally very basic, heavy and short.

    It was necessary to create a lot of new different 3D characters with long animations to change the game.


    Now everyone can have a real great Augmented Reality experience without thinking about technology and content library.

    A lot of 3D contents

    It took more than a year to create + 500 premium exclusive 3D animations. Have "the Rock " at your office, "Chucky" in your bedroom or an elephant on your table. Be amazed with this revolutionary Augmented Reality new app.


    You can use it for education and presentation to have more attention of your public.

    Just good time!

    Record your augmented reality's creations.

    Share it on your social media and surprise your friends with exclusive premium 3d animated content.

    No in app-purchase, animations update every week.


    Could be for no particular reason, just because it is fun, entertaining; for to relieve boredom.

  • Take a look and enjoy!

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